Does CBD (hemp) oil get you high like marijuana?

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November 14, 2017
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June 14, 2018
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The million-dollar question on everyone’s mind (hopefuls and concerned alike) is: Will CBD get you high? Well, the answer to that question, is no, it does not get you “high”. At least not in the sense that you would get from CBD’s sister cannabinoid THC. So, what is all the hype around CBD about? Well that all comes down to all the amazing physical and mental health benefits of CBD (cannabidiol) that are suspected to be obtained from it. And the reason we say suspected and not gained or obtained is due to the minimal research and studies done on this due to, as we all know, the legality issues of hemp and marijuana plants. Which more and more are being conducted in the areas where marijuana is legal medically and/or recreationally. Which is enough about that and brings us to our next point and explains the topic of this article in a bit more depth:

Is CBD psychoactive?

Now this question right here is the topic of much debate over. And yes, there is an enormous difference between something being psychoactive vs something that gets you “high” or “stoned”. The reason being, is for anything to be considered psychoactive, it does have to have mind-altering effects. Which is where the kicker of this whole thing comes to play so to speak and why there is so much debate about it. Especially as most people consider something psychoactive or mind-altering to have the effects like THC, or LSD, or alcohol among other things have, which isn’t really the case.

You know those suspected mental health benefits of CBD we briefly mentioned? Well, because CBD has been suspected to help anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and many other mental health issues it is considered to be a psychoactive or mind-altering substance. So how does that work you ask? A little-known fact, something “mind-altering” isn’t limited to just getting a “high”, “stoned”, or “drunk” feeling. It’s anything that can chemically alter your current mind state. Which for those who don’t know, everything has a chemical make-up, even organic matter. Another thing that makes CBD psychoactive is that is has been suspected to counteract, balance out, and in some cases, negate the effects of THC. Which all of this is we go over a bit more in our article on what CBD is.

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