What is the best method to use CBD oil for pain?

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October 13, 2017
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October 28, 2017
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As we all know, CBD oil is an effective method to manage pain, but what is the best method? Now before we get into the best method to use CBD oil for pain, we first need to understand how CBD oil actually helps alleviate pain. So, how exactly does it help with pain?

While more research and studies still need to be conducted on the subject, they have shown so far, a great deal of promise between CBD oil and pain management. The lack of research is mainly due to cannabis being illegal for so long and still illegal in some areas of the world. Although, more and more studies and research on cannabis and CBD are popping up all the time with its legality spreading. So, with so little research and studies done on the subject, what are these greats deals of promise shown on CBD (cannabidiol) helping with pain management?

In the studies conducted, CBD oil has shown to help with inflammation, reduction of pain, and overall discomforts related to various health conditions. (See our article on what CBD is and our article on the benefits of CBD for more details.) But how does it do that? As briefly mentioned in our article about what CBD (cannabidiol) is, CBD cannabinoids actively bind to special parts of receptors on our brain cells in an area known as the endocannabinoid system. This enormous cell receptor protein network has a multitude of functions that are responsible for controlling our moods, movement, sleep, cognition, appetite, and more. The endocannabinoid system, and these special receptors within it, are found in numerous places in our bodies as a result. All the way from our skin to the digestive tract to the central nervous system, etc.

How does this all tie in with CBD and pain management you ask? Well, these tiny little receptor proteins are attached to our cells which receive chemical signals from varying stimuli that in turn helps our cells respond creating both painkilling and anti-inflammatory effects. And, not only does CBD bind to receptors found in the endocannabinoid system, it also can bind to and activate a similar protein produced by our bodies. This is our bodies own version of compounds similar to cannabinoids, hence why they are able to do so. CBD and these special compounds our bodies produce activate the serotonin receptors (which help control our moods), vanilloid receptors (which mediate the pain signals in our bodies), and the adenosine receptors (which help control our sleep-wake cycle). So basically, in layman’s terms, CBD cannabinoids can tell our pain signals to “shut up”, our moods to “chillax”, and for those with insomnia (which has its own pains) to “let us sleep”.

All in all, while not the most in-depth due to lack of research and studies done, it’s pretty obvious why CBD helps with pain. But, what is the best method to use CBD oil to manage/help with pain? Drops under the tongue, vaping it, or a direct application like a balm? Well to start with, the length of time it takes for effects to come into effect and the duration of the effects of CBD will vary dependent on how the oil is administered. CBD can be applied topically or sublingual (administered orally). For more immediate effects, studies have shown and recommend administrating orally one of 2 ways and for slower enacting to apply topically or to ingest it by eating or drinking it. The 2 recommended methods to orally administrate the CBD for pain management are by drops under the tongue or by inhalation. This is because the effects come into play and are felt within a minute or two and will last for at least a couple hours. Whereas ingesting it or applying it topically can take up to anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes to come into effect and will last a minimum of 4 hours. The reason why it takes longer is these 2 methods require the CBD cannabinoids to pass through several areas before it can reach the bloodstream. Such as the digestive tract and/or liver. But, when administered under the tongue or inhaled, the CBD oil shoots straight to and is absorbed directly into the bloodstream instead.

A few of these best methods to apply drops under the tongue or to inhale the CBD oil for pain use a tincture made of CBD and VG (Vegetable Glycerin). Which is amazing because that kind of tincture can be used for not only drops under the tongue application and inhaling the tincture but also for making food that can be used as edibles. This means our Top Dog CDB Oil that’s made with 99% Pure CBD Crystalline, Vegetable Glycerin USP – Kosher Food Grade, Propylene Glycol USP -Kosher Food Grade, and Natural and Artificial Flavorings (optional) is made perfectly for 2 of the highest and most recommended options to administer CBD oil for pain management; drops under the tongue and inhalation. You see where we’re going with this right?

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